The Magical Makeup Spatula


A couple of weeks ago I posted a story on Instagram about how frustrating it is when you can’t get to the last of your makeup product or lotion. You paid good money for it and I believe you should be able to use all of it! Someone messaged me and told me about Spatty Daddy, a small spatula to scrape out the last of your makeup. How did I not think of this? I ended up purchasing this one from Amazon for $8 (a less expensive investment than the Spatty Daddy in case it didn’t work). The spatulas arrived and they are life changing! The larger one fits into lotion bottles and the smaller size can access smaller bottles for things like foundation and concealer. I also used the spatulas on tubes that I cut open to get out the last remaining bits of hair gel and sunscreen. I highly recommend these spatulas, a small investment that will eventually pay for itself!

Alpana Singh