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Down the Rabbit Hole I Go

When I was ten years old I became obsessed with learning how to make my own clothes. It wasn’t enough for me to know that a dress can simply exist; I wanted to break it down to its core elements and master the process of creating it. My mother excited about the prospect of showing off an Indian daughter who had sewing as a superpower happily escorted me to our local Beverly’s Fabrics.

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Grandma June's 7 Up Pound Cake

7 UP cake is a traditional Southern pound cake with a dense buttery crumb and a crunchy exterior. It’s perfect with tea or coffee and company. You can make it from a boxed cake mix or from scratch but both methods call for the addition of lemon-lime soda. I was first introduced to this cake by a woman who I affectionately called Grandma June who used to look after me when I was a kid. I whipped up a batch and the taste brought back a flood of wonderful memories.

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