Alpana conducts a series of discussions about the life of wine, its cultural importance, and how anyone can become an expert.

It’s all in the nose. Alpana's expertise stems from a highly attuned palate, but she assures audiences that everyone can develop one if they learn to stop fearing wine and just figure out what tastes right. From corporate parties and dinners with corresponding wine tastings personally selected for the event, to course by course “How to Taste Like a Master” interactive sessions, Alpana's presentations are lively, informative, and tastefully fun. Being a unique member of her industry’s elite group of specialists, she also uses anecdotes and personal stories about becoming the first Indian Woman to vault to the status of Master Sommelier. She conducts classes, provides post-event mixers and instructional wine bars for attendees, and creates exceptional experiences that are the ideal pairing of the informative and the entertaining. And everyone walks away with a greater knowledge about not only wine, but about the surprising depth of their personal taste.

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